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Germans need to start hiring for brains

Having graduated in the United Kingdom, I was taught that a university degree was foremost there to prove that I could successfully apply my intellect to a chosen topic and to achieve such a level of competence as is necessary to graduate with a degree. The grade achieved would reflect ability and the extent to which I had applied myself to the task. The choice of topic seemed to have little influence on future career choices, vocational type degrees such as medicine and law perhaps being exceptions. The number of bankers in the City for example, who studied history or English literature never ceases to amaze me.

In Germany by contrast your degree topic is expected to have a very immediate impact on your career.

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Five People to Watch in: App Marketing

Die Behauptung, dass Smartphone-Apps in den nächsten Jahren wirtschaftlich enorm an Bedeutung gewinnen werden, haut heute niemanden mehr vom Hocker. Denn dass Apps als Bindeglied zwischen Point of Sale und Onlineshops eine zentrale Rolle für die Zukunft des E-Commerce insgesamt spielen, liegt auf der Hand. Aber nicht nur als Umsatzbringer steht den Apps eine goldene Zukunft bevor. Mehr lesen