Cribb Executive Search and 20+ HR & recruitment leaders gathered in Hamburg for our HR Networking Breakfast to discuss which challenges and opportunities organizations and their people face today. Intensive networking, good Italian coffee and a delicious breakfast provided an ideal setting for the discussion with our panel of top HR professionals: Stine Würtz Jepsen (CHRO Skyborn Renewables), Gitta Blatt (Chief People and Culture Officer sevDesk) and Carsten Buchberger (People @1KOMMA5°). Thank you for your insight and expertise! 

Among many good learnings here are the three top insights which emerged as the overriding themes across businesses:

Insight 1: Speed and decisiveness are required to attract good talent. Competition on the labor market is fierce and companies need to act quickly to avoid losing promising candidates. A secure basis for decision-making and a streamlined decision-making process are important to-dos for HR.

Insight 2: Effective and well-managed onboarding is crucial for impact. Successful onboarding can be even more important than the probationary period itself. It is crucial to give new employees a good start and to retain them in the long term: Involvement right from the start and an environment that allows individuality and avoids obstacles in bureaucracy must be created. 

Insight 3: Look for talent outside the usual search strategies. There are many highly qualified specialists and managers who do not necessarily fit into the existing search grid at first glance, but who can still be valuable to the company. Here, too, the motto is: get out of your comfort zone!

It was great to share common topics and interests with so many interesting HR professionals. Thank you for joining the Cribb HR breakfast event – the first of its kind and looking forward to reconnect at the next one. 

A very special thanks to our charming Maria for moderating the session.